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Bluray DVD Case,Blu ray DVD Case,Blue Ray DVD CaseBluray DVD Case,Blu ray DVD Case,Blue Ray DVD Case

  • Carton size: 69  x 45.5 x 17.3 cm
  • Volume: 0.0543cbm/carton
  • Net weight: 10.5kg
  • Gross weight: 11.5kg
  • Packing: 200 pieces /carton
  • Loading quantity: 735 cartons/40'HQ
  • Minimum Order: 5000 Pcs


  • bluray dvd case,single bluray dvd case,single bluray dvd box.

    double bluray dvd case,blu ray dvd box,bluray dvd holders,bluray dvd storage box.

    Single Bluray DVD Case

    Double Bluray DVD Case
    5mm slimline bluray dvd case  
    5mm slimline bluray dvd case  
    We offer high quality Bluray dvd case,made of virgin material and from cold tube mold, like the normal DVD CD PP Box, the bluray dvd case with a cpp sleeve to hold the paper works. the CPP Sleeves thickness is 60 microns defaulted and we also offer cpp sleeve thickness go up like 70microns,80microns,100 microns and 120 microns. This will be different in pricing.  


    Currently we offer the bluray dvd case only size: 178x135x11mm. we only offer 11mm thickness with the book clips and disc supporter.
    We offer our bluray DVD Case to the market only normal,hand pack quality.our Bluray dvD case cannot work with the automatic assembly machine like branded Gima,Heno lIIsmann,kyoto and Kenny. for the Auto Grade Products Our Company only offer 1:CD Jewel Case Single 2:Slimline 5.2mm CD Jewel Case Single 3:DVD Digi Tray Single, 4:CD Digi Tray Single only these 4 products we offer auto packaging grade.
    To Ensure a Premium Quality of the Bluray DVD Box, Our Molding Department Focus a lot on the Stainless steel and the Cooling System. our bluray DVD Case using the steel of S136H and the Cooling system we can meet 8s per cycle. Currently our production mold is using cold tube and 1 cavity, we can also offer Bluray DVD Box Moulds Hot tube and in 1 cav,2cav and 4 cavities.
    Bluray DVD Box CPP Film Auto Welding Machine is another great auto machine for our bluray dvd case production. this Kiners Branded Auto Welding Machine can ensure the welding quality much stable and save a lot of time and money. the welding speed can upto 30PPM. We can also weld other DVD CD Cases with this type of Auto Welding Machine.
    The Bluray DVD Box is not a big market so we make our Minimum order quantity of the Bluray DVD Case is 10,000 Pcs. the customer can also consider other products we offered.


    bluray dvd case,blu ray dvd case,bluray dvd box

    Blu-ray, a next-generation optical disc format, also known as Blu-ray Disc (BD). Blu-ray has a storage capacity of 25GB on a single-layer disc and 50GB on a dual-layer disc. While DVD, DVD-R, DVD+R rely on a red laser to read & write data, Blu ray disc uses a blue-violet laser instead. The benefit of using a blue-violet laser (405nm) is that it has a shorter wavelength than a red laser (650nm), which makes it possible to focus the laser spot with even greater precision. This allows data to be packed more tightly and stored in less space, so BR-D can fit more data even though it's the same size as a CD/DVD.
    Learn more about Blu-Ray: Blu Ray Disc Technology


    What Is Blu-ray Disc?

    BD-R 25GB
    BD-R 50GB
    BD-RE 25GB
    BD-RE 50GB
    BD-R 25GB
    BD-R 50GB
    BD-RE 25GB
    BD-RE 50GB
    BD-R (write-once type)
    BD-RE (rewritable type)

    TDK Corporation has commenced shipments of mass-production samples of so-called bare-type (i.e., cartridge-less) versions of its BD-R (write-once type) and BD-RE (rewritable type) Blu-ray DVD media. The four new products include the BD-R25 (single-side, single-layer, 25GB) and BD-R50 (single-side, dual-layer, 50GB) write-once types and BD-RE25 (single-side, single-layer, 25GB) and BD-RE50 (single-side, dual-layer, 50GB) rewritable types.

    For the Blu-ray Discs, which achieves significantly higher density recording, scratches or dirt can have fatal consequences to the data, so it was initially introduced utilizing a protective cartridge. The BD-R and BD-RE Blu-ray Discs launched this time make use of DURABIS 2, TDK originally developed hard coating technology. This achieves a recording surface with extremely high resistance to scratches and dirt (particularly fingerprint smudges), thus enabling anxiety-free use of a cartridge-less disc.

    For the forming of the cover layer above the disc's recording layer, an original high-precision spin coating is utilized, realizing smoothness at the nano-level while achieving stabilized recording and playback characteristics.

    The BD-R write-once type, moreover, makes use of an inorganic material in the recording layer, entirely different from the organic dye used in previous types of write-once type discs. Because the recording layer is not affected by light, it realizes a disc with outstanding archivability. Furthermore, the BD-RE rewritable type utilizes a high-sensitivity phase-change material that realizes stabilized characteristics, in the form of a low error rate, even after 10,000 overwrites.

    In addition, the single-sided, dual-layer disc realizing 50GB capacity harnesses high-precision stacking technology resulting from years of work at optical disc development, to achieve precision forming of its respective functioning layers. The upper layer (Layer 1) and lower layer (Layer 0) are combined in terms of high sensitivity and recording layer transparency ratio, realizing stabilized recording and playback characteristics.

    The commitment of TDK's advanced optical disc technology has resulted in creation of the world's first 25GB and 50GB high-capacity discs capable of 2X recording speed. TDK is confident that the BD-R and BD-RE, freed from the confines of a cartridge, will offer their large capacities with greater facility, thus greatly expanding the potential of optical recording.

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    The best quality Blu-ray cases from 21p per case

    These are the EXACT same cases as Bluray movies are supplied in the shops -the original cases by Amaray. The Blu-ray case from Amaray is not only high in definition, it is also high in quality, high in style and high on security - you can feel the quality of this case.

    These cases feature the unique to Amaray push button hub system that preserves disc performance in a way that strip off hubs cannot.

    The new Blu-ray™ case from Amaray is a highly versatile case made from premium materials to give a superior quality finish - this is not a copy case. Sporting a silver blocked Blu-ray logo the new case is ideal for both retailers and studios alike.

    With a large capacity spine the European Blu-ray™ case can accommodate a 3mm booklet, a signigicant increase over the standard US case. The new case also has the ability to bundle media, a second disc tray (a swing tray) for either standard, Blu-ray™ or UMD products means the case is highly versatile and can be tailored to suit a number of dual media applications.

    • Unique, patent, stress-free locking disc hub
    • Proven economical inlay system
    • Made from impact resistant, recyclable polypropylene
    • Wide spine for high visibility in 'end on' racking
    • Red Tag Compatibility
    • Can be run on automated packing lines after adjustment.
    • Accommodates internal booklet up to 3mm thick
      1000+ cases call for a trade prices.
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