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the Premium Quality CD Digi Tray and DVD Digi Tray Can Run through the Auto Assembly Machine. for the High quality DVD CD Digitrays we offer only PS material and Single DVD/CD Digi Tray and glossy mold finish. the auto cd/dvd digitray we make from virgin polypropylene and from hot tube mold.  all the auto digitrays is made from glossy finish molds and we also offer hand pack dvd/cd digitray in PS aor PP Mateiral.  


The digi tray, also called a data or flexi tray, is a hard tray made of polystyrene much like the tray in a standard jewel case.all these products available both bundle packaging or loose cases packaging into the carton. The trays can adhere to most materials such as card, PVC and vinyl but require strong glue or tape in order to fix them to the surface. They are ideal for magazine mounts or presentation packs. A good example of the use of a digi tray is seen in digi paks and their derivatives. The digi trayis available in black, white and clear and in standard CD size (125mm long and 137mm wide) and in A5 (approx 190mm long and 135mm wide).  if you are not buying big quantity of the digitrays and need LCL Loading Pls check our standard packaging of the DVD Digitray for LCL loading.
Transparent DVD Digi Tray Double CDs/DVDs

Single DVD Digitray Colorful and Black

Transparent DVD Digi Tray Double CDs/DVDs

this transparant dvd digi try is made of virgin material

the MOQ for the DVD Digi tray is 20,000 Pcs

Single DVD Digitray Colorful and Black
CD Digitray Black color and Matte Finish

CD Digitray Black color and Glossy Finish

CD Digitray Black color and Matte Finish
CD Digitray Black color and Glossy Finish
14mm Standard Poly DVD Digitray

5mm slim poly DVD Digitray

14mm Standard Poly DVD Digitray
5mm slim poly DVD Digitray
this page introduce you the digipack products from us. we offer single digitray,double digitray,PS digitray and PP digitray. 14mm dvd digitray and 5mm dvd digi tray.
PS material Digi pack come with square CD digi-tray and rectangular DVD Digi-tray; in clear and black color (Other colors also available on request), smooth or matte finish. As a major CD/DVD packaging products manufacturer in china, we offer you various media packaging options. Usage: Such media digitray is generally attached to cardboard


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